Armund Ulvbern (CE)

Wealthy Noble NPC in the southern village of Scandinavia


Lycanthrope (wolf.) Rated also as a level 3 fighter due to his noble upbringing.

Stats well on intelligence, wisdom, above average in strength. Stats low on constitution, dexterity, charisma.

Wears a sword and is proficient, never progressed beyond that.

Wears leather armor outside of his home, simply high quality and colorful silk inside of it.


Latest in a recent line of nobles. His grandfather came here and started Hulven (shortened from Ulven Hule, Norwegian for wolves den) in exile from his own home along with his servants and close friends.

Has an inferiority complex resulting from his grandfathers and fathers amazing reputations. He is the third, and feels like he needs to make the same sweeping changes they did. He decided the best way to do that would be to expand his power, and engulf a nearby town, on the reaches of the nearest city state. Most places in this small island are actually city-states, and the nearest town isn’t held dear by their governing state.

He is a lycanthrope, of the wolf variety, and believes it is a great gift, and believes it to be a mark of noble blood.

Eats raw meat frequently. Obviously other lycanthropic traits apply.

His wife, Lauralee, is frightened to death of him, and as a result has shuttered herself in their home. She fears that she couldn’t hold Armunds lycanthropy as a secret, and knows she would die if it were found out. However, he is kind, though she shudders when he touches her.

He hires the party to put down a revolution in the nearby town he has taken over by force.

He despises his father’s bastard son, Bjorn. Bjorn is secretly a were-bear, and has no idea his father and half-brother were were-wolves. Bjorn had no emnity towards his brother, and lives in the governing city-state nearby. However, he is the captain of the guard/army there, and was sent to investigate the reports of a brutal takeover.

Speech Patterns:
Vitriolic – seething anger permeates a lot of his speech.
Mercurial – easily angered or soothed.
Proud – exceedingly proud, and ready to defend himself at a moment’s notice.

“Excuse me sir. I must challenge you for that!”
“Son of a dog! You foolish oafs will die for this!”
“Well, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t feel the people of this village deserved a superior leader like myself.”
“The gift of the blood is a noble one, and no one undeserving shall live.”

Armund Ulvbern (CE)

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