Caltost Cliod (LE)

Emperor of Bosa, Lord of the Fish in the Sea and the Beasts on the Land, Protector of the World in General and Bosa specifically.


King Cliod was an ignorant king, who pushed his people too far. Too ambitious, he fought war after war, and ended up inciting a military coup. His military advisor had two generals below him who began the revolution. These are General Gyles Eogard and General Ellet Cume.

King Cliod has a small family – wife, a 16 year old daughter, and an 11 year old son.

He is an ignorant, overambitious, portly man, easy to anger and spoiled. Not evil, per se, but ill-adjusted.

Speech Patterns:

Terse – he cuts conversations short with attempts to remove the offending party.
Rude – not sparing with insults, he frequently insults those around him.


Caltost Cliod (LE)

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