Elias Bramble

Halfling ex-fighter, fighter 3/Sorcerer 1


Elias Bramble is a cheery retired Halfling adventurer and owner of the Blue Hen. Small in stature, but big in heart, he has secretly been waiting for this moment to arise.

“Inside the tall blackstone tavern it is dark, but all around the room twinkling candles cast shadows on the cheery faces of the common folk who patronize this place. The soft strains of a minstrel reach you from the fireplace and behind the short bar stands a ruddy faced and black-haired halfling, polishing glasses. “And what can I be gettin’ ya, my brave adventurers?” he says quietly, a twinkle in his eye. You get the sense he is kindly teasing you.

“The Blue Hen has been built to withstand a week-long assault by any minor army! There’s no way they’ll be getting in here if I have anything to say about it!” He intones gleefully, running around the room, barring windows with ironwood shutters and barricading the door before quickly inscribing a glyph over it. “Shit, the upstairs!” He scurries off, bounding up the stairs.

He has also prepared a small armory in the basement from which the players can supply themselves. These include precious healing potions, as well as an explosive potion or two.

Speech Examples:
“Take that, ya bast-ARDS!” -shouted during his first attack.

“Didn’t yer mams say to beware the Brambles?!”

Elias Bramble

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