General Ellet Cume (LN)

Ex-general and another leader of the Revolution in the South


A short, slight, and agile woman in her early 40’s, Ellet Cume is one of the leaders of the Revolution in the South, alongside Gyles Eogard.

She has affection for Eogard. Aged 42, she pushed him to begin the revolution, and has been at his side the entire time. Outwardly brusque, she is highly intelligent and prefers to work on the sidelines, making everything run perfectly.

Speech Patterns:
Brusque – she listens, makes up her mind, and speaks authoritatively. She and Eogard prefer to defer decisions until they have had the chance to discuss together alone. Once they have come to a decision, then their minds are made up, and do not shift.
Technical – she is deep in the nitty-gritty aspects of running the revolution.

“Stop wasting my time and cut to the chase.”
“General Eogard and I will take that into consideration. You are dismissed.”

General Ellet Cume (LN)

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