Julius Biusara (LG)

Revolution Commander in Bosa


Full of bravado and thickly mustachioed, Julius is an experienced and young (32) commander with an excellent grasp of strategy, and is well-loved by his men.

He is however, only mediocre with a sword. As a result, when he fights, his men form a shield around him. However, he never notices.

Speech Patterns:
Over-Complex – he speaks circuitously, with long words.
Bravely – he has no fear, and is enthusiastic about challenge.

Speech examples:
“Ah mah boys, we had best be going on, wot wot!”
“Well, I say!”
“Indeed, the air of this fateful day is quite lugubrious. That is to say, melancholic and dismal.”
“Hup-too men, let’s set up camp, shall we?”


Julius Biusara (LG)

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