Run Yune (NG)

A warrior warlock blessed by the gods.


Statted out with +3 in both Strength and Dexterity above normal point buy.

Around 7 feet tall, chest like a barrel, and legs like tree trunks.

Skilled warlock, casting 9th level spells, and has the features of a 20th level fighter. Basically a god-like entity.


Born of a Goliath Chieftess and a human fighter, he grew up in the city, surrounded by normal people who viewed him with a little fear.

Many many years of adventures passed before he was blessed by an Archfey whom he made a conquest of, and given the powers of a warlock. These he honed, until he was basically a god.

Speech Patterns:
Doesn’t talk a lot – more time spent thinking and processing.
Experienced – he expects to be listened to most of the time.
Unconcerned – he has lived a long long time, and sees most things resolve themselves. As a result, he isn’t too troubled by current events.

“There’s a whole lot of sufferin’ and only one of me.”
“All things mend in time, even broken worlds.”
“Do what you like – I head to _______someplace________”

Here’s a little text to read when I introduce him.

" His face was battle-hardened and flat. It consisted of two deep and bright eyes divided by a craggy crest of a nose, broken many times. Grey-haired, the man couldn’t have been less than 65, but looked no less spry for his age. When he stood up, you suddenly became aware of his size. The man was built like an ox. He stood 7 feet high, with a chest like a barrel and biceps like tree trunks. He was dressed in a tunic of old leather, worn soft as a lady’s glove. His sword and dagger winked brightly at you with a telltale blue glimmer – here was an experienced man. "

Run Yune (NG)

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