Sash Richards (LN)

Bad-Ass Sheriff in the South


Godlike swordsman. Godlike horseman. Probably mediocre at everything else.


A sheriff in a little town on the edge of the Southern Revolutionary Territory. The players encounter him just as he is dueling his outlaw brother.

He is kind of a badass. He probably becomes a beloved NPC. I think he would be good as the sheriff in a mining town. Young, probably late 20s early 30s.

Looks: Stubbly, shabby clothes, but a gleaming sword and scabbard. Tanned and leathery skin, deep-set and dark eyes, that gleam in the torches of battle.

Speech Patterns:
Terse – he speaks in short sentences, and is generally uninterested in most things unless conflict is necessary.
Slang – speaks in a rural dialect and accent, frequently around a cigarette.

“Well, ya see I’ve been needin’ to deal with him.”
“I’d tell ya to get out of my town, but then I’d have to shoot ye if ya didn’t listen.”
“Eh, he were a bad-un. Now he ain’t-un”
“No need to get in a tissy – I’ll solve it here’n’now.”

It is kind of like this

A tall handsome stranger rode into town
With fire in his eyes burning red as sundown
His boots were all dusty, his coat open wide
Six ways of dying hung low on his side
He stood there a moment and looked all around
Slowly and lifeless he fell to the ground
The stranger’s my brother, born an outlaw
He must have forgotten I taught him to draw

The whole town was waiting and I was alone
The blood that I spilled was just like my own
When she hears this story, how Mother will cry
Brother ’gainst brother and one had to die

Sash Richards (LN)

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