Brendan's Fate

This is currently just a brainstorm about the game he would like.

I’m getting “A Very Secret Service” vibe about the organisation, despite it being a very serious one.

Let’s say 1933. This is just past the beginning of the Great Depression. The country has recovered after the loss of men in WWI, and the US is beginning to revive under FDR’s leadership.

Brendan plays a character working under the enigmatic Ivory Crawford as a part of the Bureau for the Investigation of Strange Happenings, or BISH. The BISH is evidently an ancient organisation, dating to precolonial times, and closely intertwined, at least at first, with the Free Masons. As a result, they currently take care of artefacts like the Salem Witch cadaver, the 1919 revolver found on John Wilkes Booth, and similar.

He could encounter:
The Mothman
A White Lady perhaps of someone famous.
The Nain Rouge
A headless man, a la the Headless Horseman.
He will certainly encounter references to Santa Claus and people will be very earnest about Halloween.

Brendan would likely have a partner. Perhaps a female? They would ride around the country in a Morris Ten, an inconspicuous vehicle.

I think that’s all until I learn more from Brendan.

Brendan's Fate

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