Quest Hooks

This was from a time when I was much more railroadey. so this should be revised probably

Bassanio needs someone to take word to Nan Wynd.

Nan Wyn needs someone to find out about the Fenwyn family, and what happened to them. All were supposed to be dead, but their banner is now carried by the attackers.
Secretly, there was a fallback plan. The patriarch, Abel Fenwyn, had an item imbued with an enchantment that, 24 hours after the last surviving member was killed, he would be resurrected. This is from his warlock pact.

Seladie Softstone is crafting golems, but some are carrying out orders never given to them. She suspects a plot.

Martius Fenwyn is inhabiting the old family mansion. His grandfather is Abel Fenwyn, resurrected 50 years ago. Martius is living in the mansion to repair/activate the stored golems, preparing for a raid on the city itself. The patriarch has nurtured his resentment, and is determined to turn Prinde into the city he desires. He is rumoured to have a touch of elvish blood.

The patriarch is the one who is controlling Seladie’s golems. They have been carrying out multiple small commands for the last few months. Each one she crafts leaves at night and heads to the mansion. There they stay, awaiting his commands. However, the night the party investigates, one will head off to another clan headquarters, to threaten the leader who in the past gave up the Fenwyn’s plan, and force him to participate this time.

This patriarch is the leader of the Gelyn Dy, named Aneirin. He lived for many years as the least important clan leader, despite his name (noble.) Historically tied to the Fenwyn clan, Aneirin learned of the coup’s plan, and was supposed to be an accomplice. However, the Fenwyn patriarch requested the lives of several of the Gelyn clan, in order to imprison them in Golems. Aneirin agreed. Later, ridden with guilt, he fessed up to the Clan Council, and was rewarded, and the Fenwyns killed.

Now, the patriarch has sent golems to his house multiple times, to communicate via note. And, after multiple refusals, Abel Fenwyn is planning to kidnap his family, and force Aneirin to open the gates of the city from the inside. Therefore, the night after the party follows the first golem, three will dispatch from either the mansion, or Seladie’s workplace, heading in the direction of the Gelyn ClanHouse.

So, in session three, the party is just about to fight Martius Fenwyn. He raises three golems in the statue garden, and attacks. Afterwards, the party probably heads back into the mansion, or off to Nan Wyn. On his body you can find a letter from Abel with his instructions (prepare the mansion’s golems for my arrival, and send them to the warehouse. Have the preparations ready by Harvestmoon.) The Grange is an abandoned agricultural organization taken over by the reclusive Abel. Harvestmoon is still a month hence.

Quest Hooks

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