The Danned

Colder than the Meindrau, and populated primarily with barren crags, the Danned appear from the outside to be an inhospitable and bleak range of mountains. However, deep within lies a warm and soft nougaty center.

Jokes aside, the Danned are situated upon geothermal vents. These vent into vast cave systems underneath the peaks, and support a fascinating ecology.

The Danned are home to over 500 species of fungi, and support a surprising number of larger creatures on these fungi. Of particular importance are the Myconid population, as well as the Violet Fungus and Shriekers. These last two are farmed by the Myconid population, who are known to be extremely hostile, with few survivors of their attacks.

Once, before the Ryfel Draig this range was home to the Goblin Union. During the conflict however, the goblins were forced to leave their cities. These refugees, never able to move back, became outcasts, and, divorced from their heritage, they gradually became more and more violent and unsophisticated.

The Danned

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