Luril Attacks!

Where does the adventure begin? On the road from Dagnes to Woryn

To what three areas might your adventure lead? The old mill house, the Blue Hen, the mayor’s house.

What are three prominent NPC’s doing? Elias Bramble is selling ale, Silvio Grinsome is singing for his dinner, and Adison Grimsby is chatting up a milkmaid at the bar.

One, they could encounter the elk that has been made aggressive – also undead?
Two, they could be present and watch the village be attacked by the soldiers of Cenodoxus.
Three, the players could discover Silvio Grinsome spying on the town mayor, who is working with Ceno.

Ally NPCs:
Elias Bramble – barkeep of the Blue Hen. He is a retired halfling fighter, and his bar is full of armor and has a few scrolls of Fireball. Once the soldiers attack, he prepares for a siege.
Adison Grimsby – Aid to the mayor, Adison is a charismatic though bookish man who runs the town day to day. He also manages the land claims, marriages, and other technical aspects of running a small village.
Silvio Grinsome – A traveling bard and rogue, Silvio is too curious for his own good, and has a heart too big to keep him out of trouble. He hates it.

Mayor Destry – A tall lanky man, he dresses in solemn black colors. He is on Cenodoxus’ side because he is hoping to be a noble in the next government. This is due to experiences he had as a noble’s servant in his youth. The players might see him meeting with the lead soldier once the town has been subdued.
Sgt. Gensome – Pretty brutal guy, harsh on his men. He rides a bay horse whom he rides viciously, carries a riding crop, etc. Wields a saber. Has no qualms with a ‘tactical retreat.’ Greasy shoulder length blond hair, stubbly.
Acolyte Dersinas – She is short, brown-haired, intense black eyes. She is dressed solely in earth tones, and really doesn’t look that evil. She has been weaving the spell over the forest for the past few weeks. She takes great joy in pitting forest animals against each other. She sees herself as “hastening the natural order”, and making the forest stronger. This manifests itself in a darker forest(more vegetation), more violent and aggressive animals, and active, fast-growing plants that grow carnivorous in the fight to survive.

Luril Attacks!

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