This page holds history. I’m not like Ian, so I can’t really just create a history out of whole cloth. Additionally, there are too many different political regions in the area to really give everyone a whole lot of depth without the input of the players. I’ll develop it as needed.

A preliminary conflict outline should suffice:
60 years ago Cenodoxus took hold over the valley-nation of Luril.

Over the past 200 years, the small nation of Bosa has been the aggressor in many wars. There was a recent period of peace, but that was disrupted by the accession of King Cliod (LE), who has taken a more aggressive foreign policy stance.

And, finally, the most populous country, Guilder has been fairly peaceful aside from minor conflicts in foreign countries, such as colonial uprisings. They have tended to grab large swaths of land, inundate them with their culture, and nominally leave as soon as uprisings become imminent, preferring to maintain economic control over the country with the many immigrants they left behind. This country is the headquarters of the Giudice, though they are a global organization.


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